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I love to preach and seldom turn down the opportunity to do so. Despite the fact that I'm actually an introvert, I relish standing in front of a crowd, Bible in hand, expounding on the Word of God. It, in fact, is my passion.  Just don't expect me to be the life of the party in any other setting.

Gianna Jessen once said, "My whole intent in living here is to make God smile." I love that line so much, I've adopted it as my own philosophy of sorts. I hope my sermons, teachings, writings, and life-in-general are making God smile.

I currently preach most Sundays at a cool place called Smith Chapel. Come and check us out sometime.


Preaching is something I've done for fourty years. That means I've spent a lot of time standing behind (or by, or walking around) pulpits. Years ago, when everyone was attempting to come up with cool e-mail monikers, I came up with Pulpitman. I've since started using my given name, but not before the "P" word became the name of my website.