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The Last Wedding

A lot of things in life seem to be losing their original meanings.  Weddings are not one of them. People still get married, and wedding ceremonies are still filled with celebration.

Weddings have a rich and significant Biblical history. They also have deep theological meaning. The Last Wedding briefly explores the subject of weddings from the very first one through the final wedding celebration to come.

I had fun writing this book. I think you'll enjoy reading it as well.

~Dave Zuchelli~

Local Church Prisoners:

Breaking Through Our Cell Doors

Today's church has slid into a morass of traditions and rules that often imprison us. We seldom follow the leading of God's Spirit anymore. The words of Jesus have become mere sayings to quote.

In his latest book, Zuchelli takes a look at the Gospels with the understanding that Jesus really meant what he said. It's the way of Biblical Discipleship. Walk with Jesus and tear down your prison walls.

[Slated for publication in 2018]

The Sermon Starter Series

Sooner or later, every preacher runs into a wall. The well runs dry. You're trying to hear what God is saying, but nothing is happening.

Usually, all you need is something to hang your hat on. Each of the books in this series provides twenty-six hooks for you to do just that.

Sometimes all you need is one good illustration to fill the blank hole in your sermon. These will work for that little problem as well.

The author has been preaching for forty years. Draw from his experience.

Dave has been officiating weddings for almost forty years. Here are a few tips to help the prospective bride and groom think through their ceremonies ahead of time.

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Zuchelli Sermon Starter Series